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queen esther and the hail storm ~ dallas newborn photographer

Yes, the title needs explanation, but only half of it makes sense.  : )  Part one:  I went down to Houston this past weekend for my niece’s birthday party and got to do some shooting while I was there.  It was for the sweetest family and their new baby boy, Pierce.  Big sister Lily (almost 3) was full of personality and for some unexplainable reason, she started calling me “Queen Esther.”  So we just went with it.  (I also got “Aunt Whitney” a few times).  

Part two:  Sunday’s weather was crazy – freezing cold, dark, overcast, rainy…  Thank goodness for my new camera, which handled the low light like a champ.  For the photographers out there, I shot the majority of my images between 1000-2000 iso on the 5D Mark II and they are still as smooth as can be.  : )   At one point, it looked like it was about 8 pm and it was hailing like crazy!  

Anyway, here are a few sneak peek shots of baby Pierce – gorgeous coloring, chubby cheeks, sweet little disposition – he was a dream.  I had a hard time picking which ones to post!  I will post some more of Lily as I finish the gallery.  Enjoy!  (p.s. Any more Houston folks out there who’d like to book in the future, I am always looking for a reason to visit!)







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