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my guys ~ dallas child photographer

Here are my guys.  I get this comment ALL the time – “I bet you have the greatest pictures of your kids!!”.  Well, unfortunately no.  Not the sparkly eyed, posed, smiling shots people are usually going for or talking about.  I have decided with 2 year-old and 4 year-old boys, I have to give up my dreams of “perfect” pictures and embrace the perfectly imperfect.  They are what they are, and THAT is what I need to preserve and remember.  THAT is what I love them for.  So here they are – crazy, silly, mind-of-their-own, not-looking, cookie-faced, messy-haired, big-bellied, diaper-hanging-out little guys.

We took a trip on the “choo-choo” (aka DART train) the other day and explored downtown, stopped for a cookie and had a blast.

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