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“baby boy” ~ dallas newborn photographer

Baby Boy is here, and his name is Merritt. : )  This little man came a month early, pretty much out of the blue and much to the shock of his parents.  He was so teeny when he was born – 5 pounds and he was all eyes and had long skinny arms and legs.  Merritt’s parents are dear friends of ours and I was lucky enough to watch big sister while mom was in the hospital (I’ll say it again, she was a perfect angel!).  We have been trying to get this newborn shoot done for 6 weeks now.  We finally did it last weekend – now he has filled out, has some meat on his bones, and actually has some rolls!  He was better than many of my one week olds – just a little grunt here and there and and he kept sleeping.  We tried and tried to get some awake shots, but he wouldn’t let us.  As he grows up, I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of him on my blog!  There were so many I loved from his session, but I know mom and dad are dying to see some – I’ll post a few now and get back to work on the rest!  Congrats again you guys!  : )

  • Beth Jansen - July 29, 2009 - 9:41 am

    I knew from the first image who’s baby that was!! He is gorgeous! Tell them congrats for me! Great job, these are so soft and pretty!!

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