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After an embarrassingly long blog hiatus, I am again vowing to be better this year – I have dozens and dozens of adorable kiddos and families that I have not blogged!!  It was a rewarding and fun and crazy fall season and I can finally come up for air.  Phew!!

Check out this huge family!  I have shot Michael and Molly as little ones, and then the twins as newborns, so I was thrilled to get this combined family in front of my camera just before Christmas.  You would not believe how sweet and well behaved everyone was, and they were all a pleasure to photograph!  Not to mention the colorful clothing choices and photogenic little faces…  The number of kids definitely warrants a big blog post, so here goes…  : )  xoxo


Throwback – Here are the twins as newborns FIVE years ago!  I think I can maybe finally tell them apart…

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